SCA is not only about TENA incontinence solutions,
but is also a real commitment to sustainability

SCA is well aware that sustainability and product safety are important factors for clients and consumers.

SCA ongoing commitment to sustainability is always translated into concrete actions.

These are three remarkable recent examples.

The first is the recycling of the incontinence products manufacturing leftovers: TENA factory in Quebec is the first that blends them to create synthetic wood used for environmentally sustainable benches.

The second is the creation of wind parks, where 186 turbines have already been decided, aiming to reach a much higher number by 2020, that will make SCA one of the major producers of renewable, emission-free electricity.

And last but not least, the Tree Pool program, a tree planting initiative in favor of the communities its employees live in, thereby giving them true natural oases.

These are just some of the initiatives launched to tangibly support sustainability, because SCA and TENA are much more than incontinence solutions.

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SCA is not only about TENA incontinence solutions,but is also a real commitment to sustainability

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