TENA 3in 1 Wet Wipe

TENA 3in 1 Wet Wipe

Product information

– now with 3-in-1 and Clean Touch

3-in-1 cleanses,restores and protects skin with a single wipe. Clean Touch system for easier and safer handling.

Product detail

Modern 3-in-1 skincare and cleansing

Using soap and water for intimate and frequent hygiene can put fragile,elderly skin at risk.New TENA Wet Wipe is pre-moistened with a 3-in-1 formula of surfactant-free emulsions to cleanse, restore and protect the skin with just a single wipe.

Simple and safe to use – with one hand

New TENA Wet Wipe has a new system for easier and safer handling – Clean Touch.Only using one hand,you can open the lid,take out a wipe that unfolds by itself and leaves the next wipe securely within the pack,and then click the lid shut.All of which saves you time and prevents any drying out or contamination of the wipes in the pack.

Proven quality

New TENA Wet Wipe is dermatologically tested and documented for skin-gentleness.The natural ingredients within an alcohol-free emulsion ensure the best skincare.Quality is secured by certifica- tion to ISO 9001-2000.

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