TENA Slip Super with ConfioAir

TENA <i>Slip Super</i> with ConfioAir

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TENA believes that providing high quality, innovative products, makes the lives of individuals easier and more enjoyable.

TENA Slip Super is our premium range with aim to give night long protection to patient suffering from heavy leakages.

Product detail

ConfioAir Technology allows the skin to breathe

New breathable sides and back-sheet maintain dryness for comfort and healthy skin.

New gentle comfort

New textiles like materials are soft and more comfortable against the skin.

New wide hook tapes

Easy to fasten and adjust multiple times to achieve a perfect fit.

Fast-acting, highly absorbent core

Securely protects against leakage for comfort and dignity.


People who experience urinary or faecal incontinence run a greater risk of skin irritation problems, given that using pads create a humid and closed environment. This humidity makes the skin fragile and more sensitive to friction and sores.
Continence aids are used during the treatment of urge, stress or mixed incontinence. Absorbent incontinence products (Like the one from TENA) may be used while lifestyle or medication intervention is ongoing, or as needed if these treatments don’t work.

Here are a few suggestions to help you prevent skin problems when using an adult diaper:
  • Following an episode of faecal incontinence, change the pad immediately.
  • Change the pad when the wetness indicator has turned 2/3 blue or as soon as it contains faeces.
  • Alwayswash and cleanse the skin beforeapplying a new pad.
  • Talcum powder and creams can reduce the function of the pads and increase riskof leakage.
  • Use pads containing super absorbents as they will help to keep the skin dry and less prone todermatitis.
  • Do not use any soap unless the area is very soiled. Use only a mild soap if soap is needed.
  • Make sure you have received adequate training on how to apply the pad correctly; this will increase comfort and security.
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